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How we started

Created in 2008, The K9 Adventure Tours started as a service provided by the Soggie Dog Company Ltd. and quickly grew into a reliable and unique “on-leash” dog walking experience catering to the Leslieville, Beaches, Upper Beaches Riverside, Danforth and Cabbage-town neighbourhoods.


​The K9 Adventure Tours is a great way for your dog to get a healthy dose of exercise, socialization and mental stimulation into their daily routine!​


Utilizing some of the fantastic ``green spaces`` that our neighbourhood has to offer, we have designed and created excellent hour-long routes that are sure to entice your dog’s sense of sight and smell all the while putting an extra bounce in their step! We are certain that your dog is going to fall in love with our “tours” at locations such as Ashbridges Bay where they will enjoy the breeze coming off the lake and the feel of the soft sand in their paws. At Woodbine Park your dog is going to love conquering the hills, taking in the scents of the natural marshlands and sauntering along the mini boardwalks. And finally, when visiting the Brickworks, they will be blown away by the natural beauty that the ravines have to offer especially in the fall season when the colours and smells are sure to take their breath away!
Licensed, Bonded and Insured, we thrive on being an extremely safe, reliable and trustworthy service that both you and your dog can count on. Hot or cold, wet or dry we will be there to make sure that your dog gets all the exercise and socialization they could possibly need while you are away. By keeping the dogs “on-leash” we can ensure they are definitely getting their exercise and mental stimulation as the scenery and smells are ever changing.
So what are you waiting for? Get your dog signed up and allow them to enjoy the K9 Adventure Tours, the ultimate urban dog walking experience!


What's New?

The K9 Adventure Tours is proud to present the DogPro Series Videos!!

The DogPro Series Videos are a great and fun way for you to see what your dog has been up to and where we take them!


The K9 Adventure Tours has a GoPro Camera and a specialized "dog camera harness" that fits just about any dog ranging from 20 to 120lbs. Using this dog harness, we mount the camera on a different dog each time we create a video. This way, you can see the different trails during as well as a different dog's perspective of that particular trail. From Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.....we are sure to capture some great footage of the dogs every time they hit the trails in search of their next adventure!


Want to check out some of our past adventures? Feel free to check out our past DogPro Series Videos posted on our K9 Adventure Tours YouTube or Facebook Page!! 


Social we come!!
The K9 Adventure Tours can now be found on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here, we are looking at new ways to let our clients and prospective clients see how much fun we are having with the dogs while out on the trails!! 
What are you waiting for....go on and check out some of our latest pics!!  


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