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 Just where are the K9 Adventure Tours? 
Here are the 3 tours your Dog can experience.
Ashbridges Bay

Ashbridges Bay is located at Lakeshore and Coxwell. Here your dog will love the beautifully scenic views as we loop around the shoreline! They will also enjoy the pleasant breeze that comes off the lake, the sound of the waves crashing into shore and the feel of the soft sand in their paws. At Ashbridges Bay your dog is going to love all the different terrains this park has to offer from the concrete paths winding through the park to the wood chip trails along the shoreline to the boardwalk lining the beach area. This place has it all!! Ashbridges Bay is our original trail and still a fan favorite by all our clients!



​​Woodbine Park is located at Eastern Ave and Coxwell. This is a great park as it offers a little of everything ranging from awesome views of the city off in the distance, great hills for burning off some of that excess energy, mini boardwalks and natural marshlands to provide an endless array of smells!
Your dog is going to love it when we loop around the pond, go through the tall grass in the marshlands and check out all the fantastic and beautifully planted gardens that this park has to offer!




Woodbine Park

The Brickworks trails are ​​located on the Bayview Extension. If your dog wants to feel as though they have left the city without ever actually leaving the city then this is definitely THE spot!!
The Brickworks has beautiful boardwalks and trails in the lower lands where your dog is going to love the awesome birds and tall grasses that this area has to offer. But that is just the beginning! The ravine trails that the Brickworks has to offer are packed full of excitement as we navigate around fallen trees, go under the bridges and take in all that nature has to offer.




The Brickworks
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