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Here's What Our Customers Say
Tommy & Larissa

Dog: Husky Mix

Name: Fin

The team at K9 has been caring for Fin since Fall 2015. We started out with  daily puppy visits and when he was old enough, he graduated to full walks 5 days a week. He is always so excited to get leashed up and hop in the K9 cruiser. The team has  always been patient with all my questions and requests for updates and go to the ends of the earth to accommodate last minute requests. In short, they have been a trusted, reliable partner and I can breathe easy during my days at the office knowing Fin is getting the exercise he needs.  - Larissa & Tommy


Dog: Goldendoodle

Name: Boomer

Noah from The K9 Adventure Tours has been walking our Goldendoodle, Boomer, for several years now – and it’s been a wonderful relationship.  Boomer looks forward every day to her walk, is excited to join her “friends” in the K9 Adventure Tours Dog van, and comes home each day well-exercised and very happy. We are extremely happy with Noah's reliability and consideration. On a rainy day, he will wipe off Boomers paws when he brings her back home. We can’t recommend The K9 Adventure Tours enough. 


Dog: Ausie Cattle / Retriever Mix

Name: Dakota

“I have been using the K9 Adventure Tours for the past two months.  I have a 10 month old Aussie Cattle/Retriever mix named Dakota who has TONNES of energy and require 3 walks per day.  I can always count on Noah and his K9 Adventure Tours to tucker her out during one of his sessions.  Whenever I return home from work (around 5pm) Dakota is fast asleep in her crate, usually on her back with all legs in the air (a sign that she had plenty of physical and mental stimulation on her lunch time walk). The thing that attracted me to K9 Adventure tours was that it is an on-leash walk, which not only stimulates the dog physically, it also stimulates them mentally.  Being a concerned dog owner,  I did not want my puppy running around off leash with other dogs in over-crowded dog parks.  With Noah, I know that Dakota is safe, on leash, and going to different trails around the city.  You cannot put a price on piece of mind, but that is exactly what you get with Noah and the K9 Adventure Tours. I would highly recommend the K9 Adventure Tours to any dog owner out there who could use a helping hand with walking their pooch.”

Karen & Daniel

Dog: Shiba Inu

Name: Benny

To say that our little shiba inu Benny enjoys his K9 Adventure walks is an understatement. He loves them.
When we see the guys in the street, Benny literally tries to get in their car. His daily walk with his buddies is a huge part of his day. We love it because it breaks up his day while we're at work and tires him out. What's more important though is how social it keeps Benny. His breed is known to be standoffish with other dogs, and we credit Noah and his team for making Benny the social dog that he is.
Noah and his team are reliable, thoughtful and love Benny like he is theirs. We can't recommend them enough.

Julia & Pat

Dog: French Bulldog

Name: Decker

When we moved to Leslieville in 2011, we did plenty of research and met with a few perspective walkers. After meeting Noah, we knew our 1 1/2 year old French Bulldog, Decker would be in good hands. Decker has a blast with Noah and his Adventure Tours give him the right amount of exercise each day. We knew how much he loves his walks because when we pass the K9 Adventure Tour van on Queen St he stops and will not move. He wants to hope in and go for an outing with his buds!

We can't thank Noah enough for his amazing service and helping us take care of our little Decker in our new neighbourhood.



Dog: Chocolate Labrador Retriever & Border Collie Mix

Name: Chase & Charlie

"Noah has been walking our dogs for a few years, and we've been so happy with his service. He's kind, professional and really cares about our dogs and providing great service. As our schedules have changed over the years, he's been really flexible in providing both full time and part time walking. He also goes above and beyond when needed - our Labrador has some muscle issues and when I mentioned it to Noah, he actually went out and bought a stool so our boy could get in and out of the van more easily. I would recommend Noah to anyone looking for a great dog walker."


Dog: Boxer

Name: Ocho

Our boxer, Ocho, has been a member of Noah's K9 Adventure Tours pack for several years now.  It gives us great comfort knowing that while we're at work, Ocho is off on various nearby walking trails having great fun with other dogs.  Additional advantages include: Noah accommodates all of our requests for walk date changes, he’s always willing to drop off a bag of food when we need it. For us, Ocho getting her exercise with K9 Adventure Tours is the next best thing to being able to provide it ourselves.


Dog:Half French Half English BullDog
Name: Rosie

Noah and the K9 Adventure Team have been a lifesaver for me and my partner. We've always wanted a dog, but were worried about our work schedules. We didn't think it was fair to leave a dog home all day by him/herself. We finally decided that we couldn't live without a dog (life is better with animals!) and were happy to adopt Rosie a year and a half ago. We don't have to worry about being gone to work during the day because Rosie gets to enjoy a lovely (long!) walk with Noah, John and her doggie buddies. She always comes back from her walks SO happy and exhausted (sleeps the rest of the night!)


I trust Noah and his team completely. They are incredibly professional and you can tell that they love the dogs. Rosie was abused in the past and is quite fearful of men in general. With most men she's either terrified or gets aggressive. I'm always amazed to see how she reacts to Noah and John- she loves them and is neither scared or angry to see them. Only happy! I think that says a lot about their kindness and I never worry a second that she is out with them.


Only the most positive recommendation for K9 Adventures! It will give you peace of mind. Rosie couldn't be happier :)



- Gillian




Dog: Bernese Mountain Dogs 

Name: Jasper & Baloo

"We have entrusted Noah with walking our Bernese Mountain Dog Jasper for over two years now and just recently he has accepted our younger Bernese Baloo into the K9 Adventure Tour fold. Having someone you can trust with your dogs takes the stress out of being away from home during the day. I can tell immediately that our dogs have gotten a great walk with the K9 Adventure Tours and it is so satisfying to know they get a real walk on every outing. I would whole heartedly recommend the K9 Adventure Tours for anyone who cares about the physical and mental well being of their four legged friend."

Susan & Cathy

Dog: Standard Poodle

Name: Coal

It's been great to have our boy, Coal, out for walks with Noah and now, John, too. We weren't sure how Coal would do as he's somewhat nervous (some might say, a little neurotic!) but he's done great. Noah has such a great way about him - sometimes, unbeknownst to Noah - we hear him arrive to pick Coal up. As this usually interrupts Coal's nap, it takes some coaxing to get Coal off the sofa. Noah is great - patient and always positive. Love the service and really appreciate that instead of going to an off leash park, Coal is getting a real walk. We'd recommend K9 Adventure Tours to anyone wanting reliable, flexible and both dog and people friendly service.


Dog: Golden Doodle

Name: Lucy

Noah has been walking Lucy for four years and we - and Lucy - couldn't be happier. Lucy loves Noah and she loves her walks with him and her furry friends. I love the fact that on the days Noah walks her, Lucy is calm and well-exercised when I get home from work. I also appreciate how reliable Noah is, and that he really knows the temperaments of the dogs he walks and is concerned about their well-being. We were so happy with Noah that we recommended him to Lucy's best friend, and now he is part of Noah's pack too!


Dogs: Boston Terrier (2)

Name: Brooklyn and Cleveland

The K9 Adventure Tours and Noah are absolutely fabulous! I have been with them for almost 4 years and they have been a life saver. I have two Boston Terriers – Brooklyn and Cleveland - who I try to spend time with but I have a very hectic unpredictable schedule, and the K9 Adventure Tours always accommodates. Brooklyn and Cleveland love participating in the walks and socializing with other dogs and knowing its Noah who is taking walking them always puts my mind at ease. Thanks Noah!


Dog: Goldendoodle

Name: Barclay


I have felt so comforted having Noah and John take Barclay out each day while I’ve been at work. K9 Adventure Tours was Barclay’s first experience going out with a group of dogs and I could tell he loved it right off the bat. Each day, I’d come home to one exhausted pup. I was impressed with variety of walks and how Noah and John would change it up daily. I was also very impressed by how quickly they would respond to any questions or scheduling changes. Both Noah and John are incredibly reliable and trustworthy and I have been very impressed with their level of commitment and service. I think it’s safe to say I am a nervous “mom” when it comes to Barclay, and Noah and John have really reduced any stress I had about leaving Barclay at home during the day. Thanks, guys!


Dog: Ganaraskan

Name: Baxter

I have used other walkers in the past, but I sought out Noah and K9 Adventure tours because he offers a full hour on leash walk which provides the guided exercise and mental stimulation that keeps Baxter healthy and happy.  The dog park approach was negatively affecting his health, he was always coming home sick!  I couldn't be more pleased with Noah and John's service.  They are professional, extremely reliable, and always willing to accommodate any special needs or requests.  Baxter is an important part of my family, and I am at ease and confident during the day that he's being well taken care of.  Baxter enjoys going out with his furry friends, and I love the visibility we have into the walks with the go-pro videos that they sometimes shoot.  Great service all around, I highly recommend K9 adventure tours and Noah and John.


Dog: Airedale

Name: Rosie

"I started using the K9 Adventure Tours a year ago because my work schedule got more hectic.  Rosie is my 9-year old Airedale, who likes purposeful walks and isn't much of an 'off-leash' dog.  I appreciated off the start that Noah walked her on-leash and committed to ensuring that she got a full hour of walking... not counting pick up and drop off.  His service is reliable, trustworthy, and I know each and every day that Rosie received some great exercise because she was snoring when I got home from the office. Noah is a caring and dedicated service provider, and I have the utmost trust in his services... and most importantly in his ability to care for my dog.  I'd highly highly recommend K9 Adventure Tours!" -

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