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DogPro Series

What is the DogPro Series you ask?


We are so happy you asked!!


The DogPro Series video's are a fun way for you to see your dog in action!!


We have an incredibly adjustable harness that fits any dog ranging from 20lbs all the way up to 200lbs which allows us to mount a gopro camera on them!


That's right!! Now you will have a chance to listen to some quality music and check out what your dog saw on the trails while they were out having a blast with the K9 Adventure Tours and their pack buddies!!


Check out some of the past videos to see what your dog could also be doing when out on the trails with us!

Aurora at the Brickworks, June 9th, 2016

Finnigan at the Brickworks, Dec 3, 2015

Boomer at Ashbridges Bay on Nov 18th, 2015

Simcoe at Woodbine Park on Oct 21st, 2105

Doodle at Ashbridges Bay on Sept 18th, 2015

Benny at the Brickworks on Sept 9th, 2015

Jack at Woodbine Park on Sept 2nd, 2015

Bailey at Woodbine Park Jan 6, 2015

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