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 Here's some Questions We get asked 

How do I sign up for the K9 Adventure Tours

To get started, follow these simple steps and we will have your furry friend having the time of their life in no time!

Step 1

Fill out the K9 Adventure Tour Client Information Form. This form will provide us with the general information regarding both yourself and your dog. Once you have submitted this form, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible so that we can move onto step 2!!

Step 2

With the K9 Adventure Tours Client Information Form submitted, we will contact you to set up a Meet and Greet Consultation. This way, you will have an opportunity to meet us in person and we will have the chance to meet your furry friend! During this 15-20 min consultation, we will be able to go over all the details of our tours and gather information regarding fears, phobias and any special requests you may have.

Step 3

With the K9 Adventure Tour Client Form filled out and the Meet and Greet Session completed, you will be steps away from providing your dog with the ultimate urban dog walking experience! All we will need from you at that point is the days of the week you would like your dog on the tours and a key or method of access to your dog. With that can start to sleep better knowing that your dog is in great hands during the day while you are busy with other daily duties.

What Services Do You Provide?

The K9 Adventure Tours provides “On-Leash” group tours with a maximum 6 dogs per tour. We will pick up your dog from your home; take them to one of our well thought out trails where they will be treated to an hour-long walk, fresh water and healthy treats! We also provide a Puppy Visit service for dogs that are not quite ready for our full On-Leash experience. Here we will drop by your home and take your furry friend out for a nice high-tempo walk around your home so that they can stretch their legs and get some fresh air! 

Where Will My Dog Be Walked?

The K9 Adventure Tours has created several exciting routes designed to provide your dog with a healthy dose of exercise accompanied by an endless array of fresh smells and scenery. Utilizing the beautiful, scenic parks and ravines located in the Leslieville, Beach and Riverdale neighbourhoods, we keep changing it up on them so that they never get board! The locations that we frequent are as follows:

Ashbridges Bay located at Lakeshore and Coxwell. 

Woodbine Park located at Eastern Ave and Coxwell. 

The Brickworks located on the Bayview Extension. 


For more on the Tours, see here: The Tours

What Area Of The City Do You Service?

Currently the area that the K9 Adventure tours services is from the DVP East to Victoria Park and from Lakeshore North to the Danforth. Click the map to see a larger 

How Many Dogs Will Be On Tour With My Dog?

As we are fully licensed, bonded and insured, and we use the City of Toronto “green spaces”, we have to abide by the laws regulated by the City Parks and Recreation Department meaning that we take the maximum of 6 dog per group. This does not necessarily mean that each and every dog walk will have 6 dogs as there are always cancelations but on the flip side, we will never have more than 6 dogs on the tours at any one time. We feel this is a great number as it does allow us to pay proper attention to each and every dog in our group and make sure that they are all looked after properly!

How Long Is The Average K9 Adventure Tour?

The K9 Adventure Tours will take an average of One Hour not including pick up and drop off travel time. The only time we will ever shorten up the walks would be due to extreme weather conditions whether it is 40 plus degrees or -40 degrees as these types of weather conditions are simply not safe for the dogs. However, we do our absolute best to take the dogs out on the trails for as long as possible during those conditions but safety will always come first when on the K9 Adventure Tours. After all, we want your dog to not only be well exercised, socialized and mentally stimulated but also to leave your home and be returned safe and happy!

What Precautions Do You Take In Extreme Weather Conditions?

When the weather is not co-operating we always take precautions to be as safe as possible. For example, in the warmer weather, we bring a portable hydration system filled with fresh clean and cool water with us to ensure that your dog will never be thirsty on the trails. During these hot and humid days we will stop in shaded areas periodically to make sure that all dogs are getting ample water and a chance to cool down before we continue on with our journey.  Our dog walking vehicle is also air conditioned to make the travel time comfortable from your home to the trails as well. Finally, once we get off the trails, we have plenty of water bowls in the van and a cooler holding ice cold fresh water. After all, you can never have too much water when the humid weather is upon us!

In heavy rain days, we stock the dog walking vehicle with towels so that when we get back to your home, we can dry off the dogs so that they don’t leave too much evidence in your home about how much fun they had!!

Finally, in the winter months when the temperatures drop, we will put on any coats that you provide us for your dog so that they can stay as warm and protected from the elements as possible. We do have a few coats that we also bring with us for dogs that may not be prepared for the cold weather as we want to ensure that each and every dog has the best time possible when in our care. It should also be noted that since we go into the local “green spaces” we have the luxury of not having to deal with salted pathways which is great news for the dogs and their sensitive paw pads!

Will My Dog Be Grouped With Others Like Him/Her?

We do not group dogs based on their breed but we do try to group the dogs according to their personality type or temperament. We Do Not Take Aggressive Dogs on Group Tours!! Safety for your dog and the other dogs in our group are our first and top priority! From walking dogs over the past several years, we can usually determine if a dog is going to be a good fit with our other clients during the meet and greet sessions. If a dog is questionable, we will not take them on as a client as we want to ensure that each and every dog we cater to has a great time....every time!

How Many Times Should I Have My Dog On The K9 Adventure Tours During The Week?

The frequency of your K9 Adventure Tours depends on you. Please keep in mind that we do try to schedule dogs together in a regular group. This helps the dogs get better acquainted with others in their group which ultimately leads to a happy and fun experience for all!

We do recommend at least three tours a week to promote a regular fitness regime and mental/emotional development. Besides...the other dogs in their group would miss your dog!!

How Do I Pay For The K9 Adventure Tours?

We have many different options for payment of our service. You can either pay in cash, credit card (with Amex being the only exception), e-transfer or cheque. If you choose to pay in cash, we would request that you have the funds left in a mutually agreed upon location in your home ready for the last visit of the week. If change is required, we will either leave it that day or on the first visit of the next week.

If you choose to pay by credit card, we do accept MasterCard or Visa. On a typical week, we will conduct our billings every Friday once we have finished all K9 Adventure Tours for the week. Once the payment as been made, we will e-mail you an invoice for your records.

Is There A Cancelation Charge?

As long as we are informed of the cancelation before 10am on the day that you would like to cancel the K9 Adventure Tour there will be no charge. You can either email your cancelation request to or call us at 416-725-9459. However, if we arrive at your home as scheduled and for any reason we are not taking your dog on the K9 Adventure Tours we will apply a charge of $10.00 for that day. 

Do You Take Vacation?

The K9 Adventure Tours recognizes all Statutory Holidays and therefore will not be operating on the following Holidays:

New Years Day

Family Day

Easter Monday / Good Friday

May 24 (Victoria Day)

Canada Day

Civic Holiday

Labour Day

Thanks Giving

As per our tradition, we also shut down all operations from December 24th through to Jan 2nd for the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays.

If we plan to have any other vacation time during the calendar year, we do our absolute best to keep all our clients well informed as we announce our intended days of closure at a minimum of 4 weeks in advance. We do this so that you will have plenty of time to make alternate arrangements should that be necessary. 

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